It’s Haiku time!

teeth of winter /
fingers on a window pane /
scarf on a coat stand

ice halting rivers /
the call of birds heading south /
naked tree branches

gulls on a pierhead /
driftwood on the tide /
the long sea

Iron rails scar /
hillsides and valleys /
etched in pure white

Ghosts of trees /
unyielding in the wind /
ravens in a field

3 thoughts on “It’s Haiku time!

  1. hmm, traditionally, i’ve never got on very well with haiku, but maybe that’s because i never found a way of engaging with it in such a short time (i.e. number of sylables).

    But seeing these all put together here, I can really see the images and I like them put together like that. So is Haiku mainly about the image? I am very much engaging with images recently. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. I think they’re traditionally intended to illustrate the passing on the seasons (a term known as kigo according to wikipedia), but apparently westerners can get away without using it.

    “To describe one’s thoughts /
    and feelings in seventeen syllables
    is very diffic…”

    As someone once joked (can’t remember who though)

    Jack Kerouac believed that haiku was all about capturing a specific moment in time rather than rigid adherence to syllable counting.

    I’m glad you like them though.

  3. Wonderful to hear from you again.

    As burntsienna wrote, the images come clear and direct to me also; you definitely have a talent here.

    And my prayers and best wishes as you seek work.

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