Monthly Archives: November 2010

Crowdsourcing for Fun and Profit

Hello dear readers,

I apologise for my long absence from the realm of Blogdom. I am currently trying to leverage the power of social media to find myself a new job. Maybe you could help me crowdsource one by pointing a link in the direction of this blog?

I am looking for some sort of work, ideally in the North Of England (but I am open to moving). Preferably in a role that will let me leverage my IT skills and bibliophilic tendencies. Some sort of web content creation or new publishing type of thing would be ideal.

Failing that I can cope with the existential mundaneness of another generic office job.

If you know of anyone that can help please let me know.

Sorry I generally try and keep things whimsical around here but The Big Society doesn’t seem big enough to accommodate my future employment right now (I would include an angry political rant but much has already been said on that by people far more eloquent than I).

Thanks for reading