Jet lagged

So once again I find myself a fish out of water in a foreign country. In these situations my naturally occurring social awkwardness becomes weaponized. A darwinian mechanism that pre emptively steers me from embarrassment.
There is a certain idealized Englishness that I muster in these circumstances. The first word I learn in any new language is generally “thank you”. The second of often “sorry”.

Japan is humid. The people are friendly. I arrived jet lagged, the gajin face of tiredness. There was a sign in the airport for “pet hotel”. My ability to parse both language and events, has been somewhat afflicted by the density of memes here.

One thought on “Jet lagged

  1. humidity is rampant with an ocean nearby…and I’m so excited for you! …fish out of water and everything. thank you & sorry & have a wonderful time, yorkshirefish – oh and here’s some water 🙂

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