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Songs for the General Election

It’s been a fairly emotive election run up so far. Regardless of your party of choice (or lack thereof) there have been a number of gaffes, smears and audiotapes. Non UK readers may have missed out on such gems as Bigotgate (incumbent Prime Minister calling someone a bigot behind their back whilst still wearing a sky news microphone that recorded his every word). Or podgy faced robot David Cameron rattling on about the various minorities that he apparently met on the campaign trail (see

Anyway I thought I’d throw together a track listing to see us all through Thursday night. Maybe we could all celebrate with Pie Minister’s fine foods too ( Plug the following into spotify or youtube and get very angry that your candidate of choice didn’t get in.

#1) Know your enemy: Because everyone knows making Rage Against The Machine guitar sounds with your mouth is the coolest for of political protest. [youtube][/youtube] (Ah-wah-wah-chucka-chucka-wah-wah)

#2) Thatcher ****** the kids: Remember Thatcher? “There is no such thing as society” – Frank Turner wrote a definitely Not Safe For Work song about her: [youtube][/youtube]

#3) The times they are changing: Bob Dylan [youtube][/youtube] The line it is drawn / the curse it is cast / the first one now / shall later be last / for the times they are a changing – Well hopefully we might see some election reform. I for one am tired of the two party system…

#4) A century of fakers by Belle and Sebastian. Not that I’m cynical about the public image of politicians or anything [youtube][/youtube]

#5) A Design for Life by The Manic Street Preachers. Only the Manics could write a rock song about the importance of libraries and the working classes [youtube][/youtube]

#6) Anarchy in the UK by The Sex Pistols [youtube][/youtube]
Cliche but it might make you feel better if your team doesn’t come in. Just don’t start a UK version of the Tea Party movement okay?

#7) Electioneering by Radiohead [youtube][/youtube]
“I will stop, I will stop at nothing / Say the right things when I’m electioneering” A simple but angry rock song, written in 1997 around the time that Tony Blair got in.

#8) Don’t Believe the Hype by Public Enemy. Yeah that’s about the sum of the message but it also has a funky beat [youtube][/youtube]

#9) The revolution will not be televised. Gill Scott Heron. [youtube][/youtube]. Okay so it’s actually about Black US civil rights but it is still a good spoken word political statement

I’m sure people can add other suggestions in the comments below