Monthly Archives: January 2010


So now we are living in the space year 2010AD and I’m currently stuck in my flat. All the buses are cancelled, the roads are icy and in the words of my coworker Neil: “The pavements are more lethal than an angry ninja / velociraptor hybrid on steroids”. Not to be a doom monger but looking out at the deserted streets it does feel somewhat like The End of The World.

It’s a very British apocalypse. The buses have stopped, the snow gritters are running low on salt, I’m beset by encroaching ice and soon I’ll run out of milk for my tea. I’m sure there are people worse off though.

I’m sure this didn’t used to happen when I was in Yorkshire. Maybe I’m being regionalist but I remember being able to get my Christmas shopping done in York during the snow and not nearly falling every other step. I remember the buses kept running too.

Anyway if you are beset by chilly conditions or reanimated zombie polar bears then take care.

I’ve linked to a track by Husky Rescue because they have an awesome name for a band