Blogging Nanowrimo

So I decided to enter myself into national novel writing month. Not because I have any illusions about being published but because I thought it would foster a sense of discipline that I’m otherwise lacking.

The nice thing about nano is that you get to suprise yourself. I dreaded any large amount of writing, now I look forawrd to getting it done.
It’s still hard work though and I think nanowrimo is probably the closest analogue any man can know to the pain of child birth. I mean this in the sense that I’m forcing something through the ducts of my imagination and out into the world (is that a horrible image? I can’t even tell any more)

Also because I have a fixation with making lists I invented some nano alternatives for people who don’t like writing

NaBeGroMo – National Beard Growing Month

NaMaPaMo – National Make a Painting Month

NaUnWoMo – National Unicycle to Work Month

Um no my imagination is completely dry…