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Looking back at November

So I took part in (and failed) NanoWriMo (aka National Novel Writing Month). I posted a small extract from my 12K novelette below. My routine for the last month involved, but not limited to: showering; going to work; returning from work; eating; writing; drinking tea and more writing.

I think I’ve learned a lot about time management, deadlines and the amount of caffeine I can consume before mild panic sets in. Also sometimes in life it really is the quantity of what you do not the quality that counts.

I’m going to sleep now for a very long time. NB if you want to see the extract you might have to fiddle with the archive buttons on the right hand side of the screen.

Nanowrimo excerpt (fiction)

“I have never fallen in love. I used to think this was because I was frankly ugly. Then I used to think that it was because my mind took me to places that other peoples minds did not venture. Nowadays I realise this is not the case…. and I think I may have lost my chance to really fall in love. I think if you don’t fall in love once or twice at an early enough age, your heart atrophies and becomes solid, unyielding. Like astronauts in high orbit with osteoporosis and weakening biceps because gravity no longer exerts any effect upon them and all they can do is look at the Earth spinning below and out of reach. My heart deprived of the gravity of love became solid, hardened and impervious to its draw.

I think these words to myself as I stand over the gas hob of my kitchen. It must be said that I have a nice kitchen, one with a large modern fridge which is capable of keeping things very cold for a very long time. A can of Budweiser sits on the worktop and I stir white sauce and parma ham into cooked pasta. A meal for one, a movie, I’ll sit still in the twilight of my apartment, possibly until the sun rises but more than likely I will fall asleep before then, curled on the black couch in only my boxer shorts whilst the muted TV plays on, casting its sullen glow over the room. My apartment is a sparse place, this is not out of lack of desire to furnish it or because I recently moved in but because I don’t yet recognise enough of what constitutes ‘me-ness’ to begin to decorate it. Am I for instance the sort of man that would have an IKEA wall print of a waterfall or a tropical beach? I simply don’t know. Again there is no gravity drawing me to these things. My apartment is sparse for this reason. Anything else would be wearing a mask, putting on a front, acting a role that I cannot play for long without falling apart.”

Blogging Nanowrimo

So I decided to enter myself into national novel writing month. Not because I have any illusions about being published but because I thought it would foster a sense of discipline that I’m otherwise lacking.

The nice thing about nano is that you get to suprise yourself. I dreaded any large amount of writing, now I look forawrd to getting it done.
It’s still hard work though and I think nanowrimo is probably the closest analogue any man can know to the pain of child birth. I mean this in the sense that I’m forcing something through the ducts of my imagination and out into the world (is that a horrible image? I can’t even tell any more)

Also because I have a fixation with making lists I invented some nano alternatives for people who don’t like writing

NaBeGroMo – National Beard Growing Month

NaMaPaMo – National Make a Painting Month

NaUnWoMo – National Unicycle to Work Month

Um no my imagination is completely dry…