Some thoughts about creativity

I currently appear to be passing through a drought of ideas, a creative block. It sits there on the end of my bed watching me and calling me names. Rude, obscene names. I’m going to call my creative block…Malcolm. I don’t know anyone called Malcolm and hence this should be a good name for him/it.

My creative block is the reason that I haven’t been blogging as much recently. It’s like someone built a dam around my imagination, stopping me from thinking about the world in anything other than concrete terms. There is no room in such a world for metaphor, for finding ways of symbolising your experience of the world. I struggle with that. I have always been a daydreamer until recent times. I’m not so much now. In short I want to vanquish Malcolm the Creative Block. I’m devising a strategy which might work:

1) Anthropomorphise. Treat things as though they were people. Name all the paperclips on your desk and decide personalities for them. Make a sock puppet. Although actually talking to inanimate objects does tend to garner strange looks. Anthropomorphism is the reason I’m naming my enemy NB some of my friends have problems with naming non living things, so your mileage may vary

2) Narrate your life as though it were a Film Noir. I notice much more about the world when I’m telling myself about the things around me.

3) Use your hands Sometimes your hands know how to do something even when your head doesn’t. Pick up a pencil and sketch a coworker when they are not looking or do some DIY. Building flat pack furniture is a good way to cheat at this. You get to feel creative whilst following the rigorous plans that IKEA have made for you.

If I think of any others then I’ll let you know

4 thoughts on “Some thoughts about creativity

  1. I like the idea of Malcolm, although I think a more sinister name is required to adequetly reflect his malicious nature. I picture him as a small gremlin esque creature with two pointy fangs, darting eyes,raspy voice and an unpredictable attitude. Malcolm just doesn’t fit for me, I see him as more of a Vetis, which if you google him will turn out to be the demon of corruption. Still, he’s your creative block and as such you have the right to name him as you please.

  2. for being encumbered by Malcolm, this is a wonderfully creative post. thank you for your suggestions. I particularaly like number 2. I do that all the time already, actually. My internal dialogue is incredibly important to me in living life in a creative and aware way!

  3. Anthropomorphism is the future! I think Victor may be a friend of Malcolm’s, a suitable name I think. I second Disgruntled Coworker on the naming though.

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