Having nutured some sort of minor twitter addiction (hence the cause of my recent haitus), I’m on a mission to improve my attention span to the level required to maintain a full time blog. I apologise for alienating anyone through out this period. Sorry I appear to be metablogging.

Life at the moment appears to be a creative vacuum. I’m struggling against a creative block the size of the Berlin wall. I start new projects and never finish them. My hard drive is littered with the detritus of a thousand first pages to novels I will never, ever finish. My friends in comparison, zing . They have bright ideas and dreams. They build things and make things. What can be done?

Incidently, during the course of my blog haitus, I acquired a new residence. No longer am I forced to rely on the kindness of.. well friends actually. I have laminate flooring now. And throws on my sofa. Slowly, I become the sort of man who has sundried tomatoes in the cupboard and fresh pasta in the fridge. Is this a natural consequence of aging?

3 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh

  1. It’s good to have you back! Mind you, sundried tomatoes in the cupboard and fresh pasta in the fridge? I do believe there’s no hope for you at all. You are officially grown up now.

    (I, on the other hand, have neither and must remember to go food shopping today before I starve. I must be an eternal student).

  2. I found liking olives was a sign of ageing. Along with preferring to spend £8 on a bottle of wine than getting 2 for a fiver.

    For me, the definitive sign that not only am I old but also that I have turned into my dad is to start listening to Radio 2. I’ve just hit 40 and am still resisting.

  3. perhaps keeping a blog will help overcome the creative block, as this place is conducive to dumping & exploring thoughts, and posting & re-posting & commenting on the same things…or new and different ones! glad you’re back 🙂

    and for me? it was the sudden desire to start gardening.

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