100% Velociraptor blend

Many words have been typed on internet forums, blogs and newfeeds about oil. It’s effect on the environment and economy. There is one thing that both green groups and rightwing think tanks always forget about in these discussions. How oil is created.

 I’ll spare you the geology 101 but most readers are probably aware that oil is created from super crushed organic material that has been compressed over millions of years*. That organic material was once alive.

 The stuff that currently resides in the petrol tank of your car or the bus you rode to work on was once a velociraptor or a giant fern in a cambrian forest or an early rodent or**…. well you get the picture. Oil seems a lot more precious when you realise you’ve been burning velociraptors to get to work doesn’t it?

* Unless you’re a creationist

** Okay it probably wasn’t actually a velociraptor or a T-Rex but I’m trying to be poetic.

One thought on “100% Velociraptor blend

  1. Also make me realize that Esso/Exxon (Delete as applicable) really missed the mark with their “put a tiger in your tank” ad campaign.

    How much cooler would it have been to “put a velociraptor in your tank”?

    All joking aside though, I really like the way you put that. Another way I can illustrate to my daughter about why we should all be using the least amount of fuel possible.

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