Hot blogging action has been resumed

Firstly a big “thank you” to the hard working boys at wibsite hq for their overhaul. Everything on the wibsite looks spiffy (if you only ever read my blog then check out the main site).

Yorkshireman Displaced is still ekeing out his nomadic existence in the shadowy world of his friends’ spare room. Soon though he should have some sort of bachelor pad in the bohemian part of town where he can discuss Neitzsche and drink tea until 4am without upsetting housemates or neighbours.

When I’m not describing the finer points of my existence in some sort of third person narrative I’m still trying to get my multimedia business off the ground, attempting to draft a novel as part of NaNoWriMo and office temping to pay the rent.

I’ve been writing bits of two novels actually but I don’t know which one to try and concentrate on the most. One of them is about all the things Buddha was before he was the Buddha. I don’t believe in reincarnation but I thought it could make any interesting plot device (Buddha the velociraptor anyone?). One of them is about daydreams and the places they can take you (and maps and tea and photography).

If you had a choice which book would you want to read? I’m going to write democratically depending on what you reckon.

2 thoughts on “Hot blogging action has been resumed

  1. I’d go for the daydreams one myself. Because it’s one of my many gifts. I also like maps, tea and photography. Actually if it had chocolate in it as well I’d not just read it, I’d buy it 😀

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