The below two entries are my first two heat entries in the NYC midnight writing competition. I’m afraid that both entries were written over the course of two sunday afternoons to tight deadlines and are thus not representative of my best work. In the rules of the competition the setting, genre and an item that had to be introduced at some stage in the plot were decided by the judges and competitors had to write within those frameworks. The other restriction was that each story had to be less than 1000 words.

The requirements were as follows

1st Heat – Movie theatre, suspense, headphone (have you ever tried building suspense over 1000 words? It’s hard)

2nd Heat – Casino, comedy, vacuum cleaner (I stole the punchline from a Simpsons joke about Troy Mclure, so sue me).

I did reach the third heats / semi finals (along with about 150 other people) but got eliminated, so I won’t print said story here.

Anyway, thats why I’ve not blogged much recently. I’ve been too busy writing

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