We’re doing science and we’re still alive*

*(a prize for anyone who can name the pop culture reference)

So the amusingly titled (and slightly rude sounding) Large Hadron Collider failed to destroy the Earth today. I don’t know too much about particle physics (having not studied the subject since A-Level), I have a vague understanding of the differences between types of quarks. I wouldn’t feel competant to comment on what we might achieve with the LHC. This doesn’t stop the dribble-chinned, luddite, thicko Daily Mail readers wading in with bizzare mumbo jumbo about the apocalypse. I don’t want to offend your sensibilites by linking to said article here, but if you google it you’ll find their capacity for doom mongering in the face of cold hard scientific facts quite unbelievable.

For a much better treatment of the LHC, check with out:


2 thoughts on “We’re doing science and we’re still alive*

  1. I’m not sure, but it sounds like it could be Thomas Dolby "She Blinded me with Science"?

    Glad to know we’ve not been obliterated!

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