On staying with friends

So the flat I was due to move into had a massive damp problem and consequently I couldn’t move in. Fortunately I have been rescued from Dickensian squalor by my friends Richard and Sarah to whom I owe an enormous debt of gratitude. My life possesions are currently boxed up and secreted in their space room along with a very comfy bed. They do however have slighly unusual house rules, which I shall be blogging about as I discover more about them.

The most important rule in the house appears to be that shoes should be kept at right angles to the wall against which they are being stored. Anything less than true perpendicularity appears to invoke apoplectic rage from my hosts.

The second rule is that the small plastic bags live inside the big plastic bag (which serves as some kind of mothership) under the sink.

On another note I’m finally glue free.

2 thoughts on “On staying with friends

  1. I can fully understand the rules revealed thus far. Not sure what that may say about me… 🙂

    Hurrah for good friends, and glue being gone also.

  2. How are they with regards to the way the toilet roll is placed on the toilet roll holder? A friend and I discovered that we could never live together when, over a conversation in the pub, we discovered that I *have* to have it with the paper end that you pull against the wall, while she *has* to have it with the paper end away from the wall.

    Re the flapjack recipe, I have blogged it, but as it was at the end of August it is now archived. See my final August entry 🙂

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