In which I fall into glue

I got back from my first ever Greenbelt after I worked out how to get the pop-up-tent to pop down again. Much has been written on this site about the festival so I won’t bore you with my own views. I will say that Jose Gonzalez was extremely good (as was Martyn Joseph). I was nice to meet my fellow wibloggers too.

What I want to tell you is that yesterday I fell into some glue. There I was purchasing some miscellanous items in WH Smiths when I rounded the corner and slipped on a vast lake of glue which was being spread on the floor in order to stick a carpet down. Evidently I ended up caked in aforementioned glue. I didn’t want to catch the bus in case during the period of the journey the glue set and I became adhesed to the bus so I walked 45 mins to get home. By the time I reached home my gluey shoes had picked up all kinds of litter and dead leaves and I resembled a tramp. I got compensation though so I can’t complain.

3 thoughts on “In which I fall into glue

  1. It was good to meet you at GB. That tent sounds amazing.

    I had trouble deflating my self-inflating rollmat the first time I used it.

  2. hahahaha Kerensa!

    do you have pictures? it’s not every day one falls into a lot of glue…and good thinking re: sticking to the bus – i never would have thought of that! think of the entertainment you provided on your route home…
    consider yourself hugged – hope you’ve been able to de-leaf too 😀

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