There seems to be a new phenomena on the horizon. The artificially generated demographic. The Daily Mail has recently launched The MidBritain Project. It seems that those old stereotypes of the curtain twitching xenophobic Tory voting Middle Englanders were out dated. Instead the Daily Mail has changed the demographic of it’s readership into MidBritain. See:

A cursory glance revelas the following – Its seem that MidBritainers are environmentally aware but likely to consume more than the rest of the populace. They are concerned about their health but drink more wine than any other section of British society (and ingrained into the research results there is no referrence to beer consumption – maybe beer is for the proles whereas getting smashed on wine is socially acceptable).

It is a curious piece of research in that it appears that the label and demographic were invented first and then the reseachers went looking for a focus group who fit the bill (read the Methodology section). Maybe I’m missreading it. despite the positive spin placed on things I suspect that whereever MidBritain is, I for one would not feel welcome there.