Do you feel homesick for places you’ve never been? Do atlases exert a mysterious pull over you? Does a strange gravity pull you eastward to the great Pacific, or do you’re eyes rest of chilly Scandanavia climes? I do and I think my wanderlust is getting in the way of me writing about my everday life.

I started this blog in 2003 to document a journey to Thailand that I was making an I guess I just stuck with it. I need to keep moving though. That’s the only time I seem to be able to write to the best of my abilities. I want to summon up the honesty that the best bloggers seem to have, or that ability to chronicle the minutae of life. If I don’t learn how to do this then my blog will become nothing more than dry lists of places and people. I think I need to take a short holiday from the realms of blogging to relearn how to write. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause if you are a regular reader but I think it will benefit us both in the longer term.