I have a (curry induced) dream

Yesterday evening saw me displaced to Warrington to visit a friend and eat some curry. I ate a lot of curry in fact, a big soild carbohyrade ridden meat feast of a curry. It made me hallucinate.

Well I didn’t actually hallucinate but I had a mysterious dream in which Zach Braff (of Scrubs fame) decided to have surgery to alter his ethnicity – He became a black man in order to broaden his appeal and so that he would no longer be typecast as the nerdy white guy. I’m not quite sure how the surgery altered his ethnicity but it was apparently successful and he went on to a variety of new roles that he could only hitherto imagine playing.

I’m not sure if the above dream means anything but if in real life Zach does undergo such surgery then I can obviously eke out a new career as a psychic gossip columnist.