So I spent Easter in Edinburgh where I alternated at suprise and annoyance at the general inability of the British Weather To Make It’s Mind Up. "Look it’s clear, let’s climb Arthur’s Seat*" / "Oh no it looks like it’s going to rain". Still I had a nice time.

In this vast global village it’s sometimes easy to take connections for granted. I was in Scotland visitng my friend Jo, whom I had befriended in a Mongolian kitchen last year. The oddness of this seems even greater when I consider that my friend Jo lives just around the corner from the Edinburgh flat in which I celebrated New Years Eve at the turn of the millenium (right by The Meadows**). Further compounding this sense of the Interconnectedness of All Things ™ was the fact that one of my friends from Liverpool was also visiting Edinburgh at the same time and two of my friends from sixth form also now live the area – it’s like that film Magnolia, except without the frogs / death / karoke***

* for those that don’t know, Arthurs Seat is an extinct volcano right by the edge of the city – one of the things I like about Edinburgh is you can round a corner and suddenly you are in Quasi-Countryside
**The Meadows is a big open space in the middle of Edinburgh – see above
***Magnolia is a film about coincidence and is well worth seeing

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  1. I tried to watch Magnolia but gave up after an hour and a half when I realised I didn’t care enough to watch the remaining hour and a half.

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