With trepidation…

For reasons of privacy part of this blog will be written using code words to protect the innocent.

Certain of my unnamed friends joined a certain well known dating site which caters for those of a particular metaphysical or theological bent. Curious as I was to see what their profiles said, I joined with a highly exaggerated profile thus to facilitate cyber stalking (they’re my friends, that makes it okay, right? and besides it was only so I could offer unasked for advice).

I reached the following conclusions:

1) The site in question is poorly designed.


2) You are more likely to get hits on your profile if you describe yourself as a "6ft tall Anthropomorphic talking dog" than if you actually say what you do for a living.

3 thoughts on “With trepidation…

  1. Ooh, I think I might know the site of which you speak (being a veteran of it, and now, thankfully, no longer in need of its services). I suspect the reason "6ft tall Anthropomorphic talking dog" got lots of attention was because rather too many of the other profiles suggest "total lack of social skills". Of course, a 6ft tall Anthropomorphic talking dog might be lacking in social graces as well, but at least it’s something to talk about.

  2. JtL, when you wrote the above comment, did you type out "Anthropomorphic talking dog" each time, or did you copy/paste it? it’s quite a mouthful, even with typing! …so many letters!

    and Yorkshireman, I’ve been there too – am taking a much deserved break at the moment 🙂

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