Dead at 25, alive at 26?

Crisis possibly averted. I’m going to start my own record label.

Okay I’m going to TRY to start my own label. It’s an idea thats been floating around my head for a while now. I do a little bit of DJing, it saves my soul from the office grind. It also puts me in to contact with real musicians. People who now how to sing. In this day and age of mp3 downloads, I figure I can publish these people with very small overheads (since it’s an mp3 label, (at least initially) there won’t be the troublesome costs associated with CD and record manufacture).

It’s going to be called Maiku. I bought the domain name on a mad whim and now I’m going to do somehting with it. is currently under construction but if anything happens thats where it will be.

N.B. This plan assumes I can find enough people willing to let a complete novice attempt to promote their undoubted genius.

2 thoughts on “Dead at 25, alive at 26?

  1. that’s exciting, yorkshirman! whoooo-hoo! i’m sending lots of encouragement and musical thoughts your direction. please keep us posted!

  2. Very exciting indeed.

    I’d offer my services, but since I resemble a cacophony of wailing cats it’s probably best I don’t. 🙂

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