Musings on a post-slacker culture

In my pervious entry I mentioned Generation X and it’s author Douglas Coupland. For those that haven’t read it, Couplands novel was a backlash against the grasping materialism of yuppiedom and a trawl through nineties counter-culture. It was (although I hate to use the phrase) a ‘slacker’ novel. The central idea was that opting out of consumer society was almost an ethical choice. One that resonates with me, even though I’m too young to remember yuppies properly. One chapter is entitled Shopping is Not Creating and confirms a mantra from another ninties novel, Fight Club "You are not your job, you are not your bank balance"

But what now? It’s 2008 and everyone has a mobile phone, not just the city bankers. Is it time for something else? A post-slacker culture. Is it possible to be fulfilled spiritually whilst working for a multinational? I’m struggling careerwise. I have had low wage McTemping Jobs for too long but I can’t see that earning more money would make me happier. I have more questions than answers. Can anyone tell me of any genuinely fulfilling career paths (other than those which require additional training such Doctor/Nurse) which lead to an ethical life?

4 thoughts on “Musings on a post-slacker culture

  1. No great answers from me sorry.

    I try and do the best I can do in whichever job I find myself. Some days are very fulfilling, many days aren’t too fulfilling to be honest: it is just doing what I have to do. But I try and enjoy each day and make sure I do my best and reflect Christ in whatever small way I can.

    God bless.

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