Happy Singles Awarness Day!

So feb 14th – I’m not a fan to be honest. When I was in a relationship it was a monetary guilt trip. Now I’m single it’s a existential guilt trip. Still it’s not all doom and gloom. I have a large bottle of single malt and a cutting edge collection of indie and alternative songs to show for my mid to late twenties.

To use more lyrics in my blog:

Not everything must end
Not every romance must descend
Not every lover’s pact decays
Not every sad mistake replays – Arab strap (one of their happier songs)

I’m feeling very Generation X tonight since I’m on the verge of Quitting My Job (dead at 25 buried at 80 and all that, go and read the book if you have no idea what I’m on about). I’m not sure what I should do next. If anyone has any ideas they should get in touch through the usual channels.

Sorry – alcohol plus wiblog equates with bad grammar and wanton honesty.

3 thoughts on “Happy Singles Awarness Day!

  1. My only bits of advice would be:
    (i)talk to some friends who are as mad as you are about what your dreams and ambitions are
    (b) don’t do anything rash without talking to one "normal grown up" first so you know what all the potential pitfalls would be (but then ignore their advice not to go for it)
    (c) stock up on more Douglas Coupland so you have more literary encouragement
    (d) If you are totally serious perhaps consult a life coach.

  2. What TG said. Sounds good to me.

    And may I ask what book I should read, being confused? Sounds interesting…

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