Sunday afternoon reflections

As some of my new found facebook friends know, I am currently not getting anywhere near enough sleep, due to mild insomnia (which is in turn aided and abetted by my currently nocturnal social life). I feel like my body is in a state of disrepair and I have gone mildly (and hopefully temporarily) deaf in one ear.

So it’s the first sunday of what might eventually turn out to be Spring. The park is brightly lit but somewhat chilly. The joggers are wearing a few less layers and there seem to be more birds in the skies than before. Spring always comes with Lent, traditionally a time when we beat ourselves up over our vices in the name of religious nostalgia. I think thats why I prefer to do something semi practical like learn a new skill over Lent to remind myself that I can always change. I learnt to juggle a few years ago for instance (and then immediately forgot how a few months later). This year I’m trying to do something creative everday instead – as mentioned below. I haven’t done anything yet that I’m particularly proud of but I’m getting there.