Personal Archeology

So I spent the weekend back in Yorkshire. My parents had asked me to sort through my accumulated belongings and sorting them into two piles the "Keep" pile and the "Obliterate" pile. It was a simultaneously cathartic, nostalgic and odd experience. Amongst the relics, the following discoveries are worth noting:

Russian text books. I actually used to be able to speak some Russian (until year 9).

For a brief period of time (circa 2003) I sported a vaguely Dr John Dorian (from Scrubs)esque quiff of hair. It lasted for one summer. I use the word vague in it’s strongest possible sense here.

A faded photo of an ex-girlfriends ex-cat. I have no idea what it was doing there amongst the piles of photos but it was there.

A plethora of 8-bit computer magazines from the Golden era of Videogames.

An excerpt from a Noir I was writing aged 17 (suprisingly competently written too)

One robot

I’m nearly 27 and those possessions are the ones that mainly stood the test of time. Thats a sobering thought.

5 thoughts on “Personal Archeology

  1. I think this is universal human experience. I’m 38, but even I had to have the "sort through the stuff left here and take what you want and chuck the rest" weekend a couple of years ago. I think I got away with it for so long because my sister’s pile of assorted Stuff was much bigger than mine – it was only once she had done the keep/bin process that they noticed that I had a load of stuff there still as well.

  2. Oh happy people. My mother did the keep/bin process for me…when I was about 21. Without mentioning it in advance. Suffice it to say, she is ruthless. One survivor was a book I had when I was four. I think it probably survived because she rather liked it. Fortunately, so did I.

  3. …i think a few of those items are now eligible for sale on eBay (under the "antiques" section)

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