Hello if you are reading this. I have had possibly one too many drams of whisky before hitting facebook tonight so I apologise for any incoherence caused. I sometimes find that alcohol is an unfortunate cause of wanton honesty (amongst other things).

Well I was told recently by a friend that I apologise perhaps a little too often. Last year whilst travelling one of my fellow travellers told me a story through the aid of a translation computer that I don’t think he would have told me under other circumstances. The language computer acted in this incident as an intermediary. A disinhibiting device. Since then I have discovered:

(watch the film for an idea of the site)

a blog which encourages people to, funnily enough, post their secrets in. As a philosophy grad, I think that Aristotle got it slightly wrong when he describes man as a political animal. I think instead that humans are the only animals who have secrets (maybe however this inclines us to politics?).

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