Happy new year

The gasping and beaten body of 2007 is being dragged away, never to return. His shattered limbs are being forced into the dumpster marked "History" . I think we all agree that somethings are better that way right?

2007 wasn’t such a bad guy though, we did some cool things together – We climbed the Great Wall of China, 2007 and I. We slept by the banks of the largest lake in the world and laughed together at Mongolian cuisine. We got spat at by camels in the Gobi. But at other times 2007 was a many tentacled beast of angst, history will judge him both ways.

So hello 2008. You promise much, but can you deliver?

Here are my 2008 new years resolutions:

Be more spontaneous (most of the people I’ve mentioned this one too seem to think that i’m already quite spontaneous though)

Write more letters instead of relying on the internet


Go hang gliding / para gliding

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