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Hello if you are reading this. I have had possibly one too many drams of whisky before hitting facebook tonight so I apologise for any incoherence caused. I sometimes find that alcohol is an unfortunate cause of wanton honesty (amongst other things).

Well I was told recently by a friend that I apologise perhaps a little too often. Last year whilst travelling one of my fellow travellers told me a story through the aid of a translation computer that I don’t think he would have told me under other circumstances. The language computer acted in this incident as an intermediary. A disinhibiting device. Since then I have discovered:

(watch the film for an idea of the site)

a blog which encourages people to, funnily enough, post their secrets in. As a philosophy grad, I think that Aristotle got it slightly wrong when he describes man as a political animal. I think instead that humans are the only animals who have secrets (maybe however this inclines us to politics?).

Not quite the end we thought

Long time readers of this blog and people who know me in real life will be well aware that I like Star Wars a fair bit. A few years ago I wrote a review of Episode 3 and expressed my sadness at the end of the franchise. It appears that I mourned prematurely.


Yep that’s right. Star Wars is being ressurected as a TV series. However none of the major characters will feature in it except Boba Fett apparently. Could be good, could make me weep uncontrollably.

Happy new year

The gasping and beaten body of 2007 is being dragged away, never to return. His shattered limbs are being forced into the dumpster marked "History" . I think we all agree that somethings are better that way right?

2007 wasn’t such a bad guy though, we did some cool things together – We climbed the Great Wall of China, 2007 and I. We slept by the banks of the largest lake in the world and laughed together at Mongolian cuisine. We got spat at by camels in the Gobi. But at other times 2007 was a many tentacled beast of angst, history will judge him both ways.

So hello 2008. You promise much, but can you deliver?

Here are my 2008 new years resolutions:

Be more spontaneous (most of the people I’ve mentioned this one too seem to think that i’m already quite spontaneous though)

Write more letters instead of relying on the internet


Go hang gliding / para gliding