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I guess it’s the Christmas winddown right now for most people. The double edged sword of my life is that during the busy periods of my life I have plenty to write about but no time and during the quieter periods (like now) I have plenty of time and nothing to say. I apologise once again if you are a regular reader of this humble blog but feel short changed by me.

I want to write about something that happened a few weeks ago now. We orchestrated a tea crawl. I dare say it was the largest tea crawl that merseyside has ever seen. I can’t be sure of that though. T’was a rainy old day and a few of us gathered at liverpools docks, near to the Tate. It had seemed like a good idea at the time (most things seem like a good idea when they’re on Facebook). We hadn’t factored the weather into account but still managed to acquire one friend per teashop (our total was around seven toward the end). I lost track of how much tea I actually drank, but it was enough to give me that frantic feeling, like my frontal cortex was trying to escape from my head. That feeling happens to me more often than you might think.

I managed to try The Rarest Tea In The Whole World. It was called silver needle tea and was picked for only one day of the year in one remote province of China (or so our helpful teashop assistant informed us). It tasted a bit like bitter warm water. Other curious teas we discovered on that fateful day were Water Fairy tea (which looked and smelled suspiciously like a certain organic drug), Gunpowder tea (which was black and sutty but non-flammable) and Blue Saphire Earl Grey (which tasted like normal Earl Grey, only more so).

I think between all of us we tried 17 different varieties of tea. By the end of the day, my head sang like a hummingbird and I got no sleep that night, but it was strangely satisfying.

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  1. Sounds a great idea…and not unlike my own tea-drinking adventures..but yours is a bit more full on….

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