The epilogue

The jet lag is fading now, like an old red wine stain on a much loved rug.

I’ll be back at work in the next few days, back in the same old routines and habits. I think I’ve learned some things from my very displaced adventure though. I’ll give you a top five or so.

1) 97% of the worlds population is essentially helpful, even if you don’t speak their language. The other 3% is comprised of muggers and bank managers (not that I was mugged but I did have problems with banks)

2) The best way to make friends in any culture seems to be to make and offer copious amounts of tea. Tea will ensure some sort of social contact in almost any situation. Beer is sometimes a good substitute for tea if no kettle is present.

3) Everyone has a story to tell you. Again this applies regardless of language. Oddly enough sometimes people who don’t speak your language find it easier to open up than those that do. I had an entire conversation with someone through a language computer and they told me things I doubt they would have in other circumstances.

4) Everyone gets lonely sometimes, erspecially when travelling. The trick is to find the other lonely people and start some sort of club…

5) The ability to sleep under almost any circumstance is a gift to be cherished.

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