Off to Hong Kong

Tomorrow I’m off to Hong Kong – I didn’t realise but, technically Hong Kong is still not part of China, it’s in a kind of limbo state between Capitalism and Communism. I’m not quite sure what to expect of it. Maybe skyscrapers and neo-colonialism with smattering of alleyways and street markets.

I went on a tea crawl today along the road near my hostel in Beijing (Dazalan Market street) which had some pretty impressive teas on offer (as well as samurai swords, fake trainers and cheap electical goods). I settled for Olong, Lychee, and two types of black tea. I nearly bought a tea pot shaped like a dragon which changed colour depending on how hot the water was but I don’t think it would fit in my bag very easily. Maybe I could reshuffle my belongings before I leave to squeeze it in…

One thought on “Off to Hong Kong

  1. you need to stuff the teapot with yr smalls to gain an optimum space/and breakage protection. but be careful the dragon doesnt get angry and change to an angry colour due to its filling. and remind me not to accept any dragon served tea in the future. this is all.

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