Curious mistranslations and mistakes

One of the most amusing things about visiting Asia as an English speaker is the way that concepts and phrases which would be perfectly ordinary in one language become horrifically mangled when transposed into another tongue. Hence in Mongolia we have:

“The Great Electronic Brian” – which I think is supposed to say Brain instead (it was on a computer advert).
“Destroy, Destroy!” – the name of a designer footwear shop.
“The Homeboy shop” – for all your hip-hop needs
“Please share happiness and wellbeing with your loved ones by peanut coloured sands” – The serving suggestion on the side of a biscuit packet

and my personal favourite:

“The Crazy English Language School and Institute” which is presumably where all these translators learned their skills. And yes, I’m not making that up, I have photographic evidence

5 thoughts on “Curious mistranslations and mistakes

  1. I read it and wept – partly with laughter and partly in despair. Am enjoying your traveller’s tales!

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