Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to give you the wilfully non-decomposed corpse of….Lenin!

Guess who I went to see this morning? If you can tell from the title of today’s entry you should be shot as a counter revolutionary. Yup I queued for half an hour, passed through more security than it took for me to actually get into Russia (and I’m not joking either, two independent sets of metal detectors and a bag search) all to spend exactly one minute in the shadowy tomb of a lifeless former dictator. I have no photographs to show for this because cameras were all confiscated before we went in. In fact I saw the military police physically eject someone who smuggled a camera through. I think Lenin is a definite contender for strangest and creepiest tourist attraction in the world. I’d say it was a bit of a dissapointment but I wasn’t expecting him to do anything (I was tempted to shout “his eyes are moving, he’s back from the dead” but then I remembered the police and their tasers and CS gas canisters and thought better of it). If David Blaine ever needs a stunt double though, he could do worse than look in Red Square.