Wanderings and wonderings

I have a place booked on the night train to Moscow tomorrow. Hopefully it should be a much more pleasant experience than the train journey from Latvia (I am in a second class carriage this time so it’s a big step up for me). I also got to look at the Cathedral of the spilled blood (or at least the outside of it) I might have a look inside it tomorrow before I go).

You know those small boothes you get in trains stations selling crisps and newspapers? One of the strangest things I found today was the fact that the trains station I visited also had a small booth selling firearms. Maybe it is a throwback to Russia’s revolutionary past but I can’t conceive of a situation where I’d need to buy a newpaper AND a pistol before boarding a train. I know Russian train journeys can be long, perhaps I’ll have to hunt my own food enroute. Either way this Yorkshireman is going to start packing heat from now on.

2 thoughts on “Wanderings and wonderings

  1. When I was there in 1994 it was recommended that foreigners took all "necessary precautions" on overnight journies to Moscow due to the high number of thefts enroute.

    Maybe that explains things.

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