St Petersburg update

I located all the cool stuff (the Hermitage, Palace and river) to the north of the city, which has upgraded the city in my mind from “Blade Runner” to something a bit more neo-classical.

I forgot to mention earlier that whilst I was on the train crossing the border, I was a man eat a whole raw potatoe like it was an apple. Hopefully I’ll recharge my batteries here see some more of the city tomorrow and get to Moscow before the end of the week.

And yes I was wrong, Lenin is stored/held/kept in Red Square, Moscow. His mum on the other hand is buried somewhere in St Petersburg.

4 thoughts on “St Petersburg update

  1. Simul-wiblog posting blog posting comment action going on here! WWW-a-go-go. I am about to settle down to Exeter v York live on broadband – the pleasures of an Englishman never end….

  2. Sarah has stopped reading over my shoulder now… re your potato eating story…i have a picture of sarah licking a raw potato. She likes potatoes like a Russian.

  3. Thanks for that Sweet Richard! I’ve always thought I might be a bit russian – I do love potatoes very much – I’ll give you 50p if you can get a picture of a russian licking a photo!

  4. i’ll see your 50 p and raise you 50 p if you can get a picture of a man biting into one 😉 oh and davaruga, my email address ends with, not Found any artefacts to protect you from radiation yet?

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