More travel rules

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5) a corrolary of 1) below. British stag parties get anywhere. There are undiscovered tribes deep in the Amazon Basin that wake up one morning and find that people with names like Fred, Malc, Kevin and Mikey have rolled up in the night, got completely hammered on extra strong larger and trashed their village. Sad but true

6) Staff won’t care. Nor will border guards

7) It is almost impossible to get a decent cup of tea with milk. I have tried plenty of tea on this trip but all the stuff with milk has been UHT. Which tastes like baby sick

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  1. When I lived in Romania in 1994 I started drinking black tea for precisely that reason. The couple I stayed with did have proper milk but it was so creamy that it would turn to cheese in the fridge within a day! Urgh! When I came back I thought "great, I can have milk in my tea again", made myself a milky tea and found I couldn’t drink it. To this day I drink black tea.

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