The house moving blues

So after two years in my last house I am finally moving out. This requires me to sort through a lot of debris, paperwork, old books and photographs and decide what is worth keeping and what to throw away. I don’t want to that to sound like some life-coaching metaphor. It’s just a chore not some karmic, life enhancing experience. I found a selection of passport photographs charting the last ten years of terrible haircuts and terrible clothes.

I haven’t done a top 5 for a while so here is my top 5 unexpected things I found in
my room:

1) 20 pounds worth of tips from an old bartending job I did (and assorted Euros and other foreign currency)
2) A letter written from my past self to my future self (very odd… I remember writing it, but I don’t remember the whiny self-righteousness that characterizes said letter)
3) My NUS card from 6th Form (aged 16, I look absurdly young)
4) Assorted compilation tapes featuring obscure 90’s indie, lovingly pirated with callous disregard for copyright laws.
5) A lightsaber. (toy not real. I was given it as a present to mark the release of Episode 2 and then forgot about it)