A Llama themed house

I’m halfway into moving to a new house. The landlady is I think South American and therefore many of the hangings and rugs in this house seem to feature pictures of llamas (the furry mammals as opposed to the tibetan spiritual leaders). This I find endearing and mildly disconcerting in equal proportion.

I quite like llamas and I think they rank in my top 5 favourite land mammals. What disconcerts me is that the friendly looking llama print rug on the floor (which depicts two llamas standing in some rural idyll) appears to be made from actual llama skin. Although I am not vegetatrian, the message that this rug says to me is "Hey llamas are cute, but they’re even better when they’re dead".

2 thoughts on “A Llama themed house

  1. I second that statement. They always seem to spit at me when I run out of Llama food at the local community farm.

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