The twilight world of office work

We work in a dark corner of the office. The light that passes through the large windows fails to penetrate as far as us. Almost as if the photons, on their million mile journey from the sun to the back of our retinas, got bored and decided to turn around when they got near us. Other people in our office slip by on their way to the kitchen barely noticing that we are there. We are invisible.

In order to enliven our days we have decide to reclain the Lost British Tradition of Elevenses and Afternoon Teas. This neccessitates that, at the alotted times we silently down tools and slip unnoticed into the office kitchen for crumpets and teacakes (or we will do when we remember to actually bring some in) and vast, vast quantities of tea. We have found a supply of earl grey in one of the cupboards, it probably belongs to someone in our office. Maybe over time whoever it belongs to will notice that their stash is slowly (and inexiplicably) diminishing, but with any luck our stealth skills will protect us…

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