Random snapshots from the bank holiday weekend…

Saturday and housemate Dan aquires "Trump – the boardgame". It’s a magnificently self-aggrandizing boardgame about billioniare Donald Trump in which you have to make lots money. Remember to make millions it takes brains, to make BILLIONS it takes TRUMP.
Contents: 1 board, lots of fake money with Trump’s face printed on it, several game cards with various game altering effects printed on them (my favourite being the "You’re Fired!" card, and several plastic counters representing properties). It plays a lot like Monopoly with a slight gambling twist and was pretty good (albeit kitsch) fun.

Sunday: a wirlwind of church, pub and more boardgames. No lasting images imprint themselves in my mind on days like these and I can’t help but feel disatisfied with the day.

Monday: Waking up in the back seat of my friends car on the way back from a daytrip to the lakes. Looking across the motorway and seeing all the lanes on the other side of the central reservation are closed except for one solitary car. Its engine is aflame and there is no-one nearby but the air reeks of burning petrol. There is something mildly post-apocalyptic about the sight of burning cars and in my foggy state of mind I find the situation a bit disturbing. There is no evidence of a crash and I can’t help but wonder what happened. Then I am asleep again and I wake up in Liverpool wondering if I dreamt the incident.