Superstar DJ

On thursday night I had my first ever DJ gig at a bar in liverpool (well I was helping friends out so I wasn’t exactly headlining). I managed to pull off a decent enough set though (I play proper music rather than nasty hard-house-annoying-repetitive dance-music).
The strangest thing about the evening was that celebrity football pundit Alan Hanson turned up. Either he drinks in that particular bar anyway or maybe I have celebrity fan. I’m guessing the former on the basis of the fact that he seemed oblivious to my virtuoso song-picking talents and didn’t make any requests.

3 thoughts on “Superstar DJ

  1. Set list as follows

    Godspeed You Black Emperor! – bbf3

    Freddie Cruger – Pretty Lil thing

    Serge Gainsborg – Danger Beats

    British Sea Power – Be Gone

    Mogwai – Friend of the night

    Assorted 70’s funk that I’ve forgotten

    My Bloody Valentine- Blown a wish

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