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Actually Multiculturalism is flipping awesome…

I’ve been thinking a lot about the general views of the British media vis-a-vis asylum seekers, Islamophobia and immigration recently (see the entry below for more details). You see, we went through it all before.

The Daily Mail in the 1930s ran a series of inflammatory articles about Jewish immigration yet the diaspora didn’t lead to Hebrew supplanting English as the language of choice, did it? I’m not typing in aramaic and wearing a yarmukle. Similarly I have not converted to Rastafarianism, just because some citizens of my country choose to wear their hair in dreadlocks. Or Bahai, or Buddhism or Hinduism for that matter. I’m probably preaching to the converted here but there does seem to be an alarming rise of near racist sentiment (at least amongst some of the people I know) regarding Muslims. It vexes me greatly that most media coverage of any religious group focuses on the most extreme end of the spectrum.

Hopefully I’m not just ranting without doing anything about it. I have a… project in the works that will hopefully even the balance a little. Sorry if that sounds mysterious, I just don’t want to hype things up before I get anything practical done. Watch this space


So Happy Easter wibkidz,

I guess much has been said and written about Christ’s resurrection that doesn’t need repeating by me. I think that everyone tends to forget about the day (or days, depending on your perspective) in between – the interminable Bank Holiday Saturday of the soul. I wonder what the disciples did on that day – were they grieving, hiding, trying to figure out what had gone wrong? They probably had pretty massive doubts about the purpose of it all. I think with Easter, we tend to skip to the ending a bit to much and forget the bit where everything gets left hanging untidily in the air. Contrary of to what a lot of conservative Christians think. I don’t think it’s the faith of Christianity that makes it unique, I think it’s the uncertainty of it all and the fact that we are allowed to be uncertain.

Sorry if that sounds preachier than normal. Tales of woe, public transport and otters will resume shortly

“Nazis…in Illinois? I HATE Illinois Nazis”

I never miss an opportunity to quote from the Blues Brothers. I have a story, which should hopefully make sense of the above quote so bear with me.

I’m currently non-displaced as I have gone back to North Yorks to see my parents over Easter. Home for me, is a small market town south of Olde York. As I was heading through town on my way to the bus stop I noticed a couple of people handing out flyers. It’s the BNP. Now I’m all for freedom of speech, but I live in one of the whitest towns on the planet. There are no hoards of immigrant, asylum seekers, communists or gay people living here (well there might be a few gays but they don’t exactly shout about it). To pretend that there is some sort of ethnic invasion here is to lie. Plain and simple.

My exchange with the BNP went like this:

BNP "Take a flyer"

Me "No thanks"

It should have gone more along these lines:

BNP "Take a flyer"

Me "F**k you, Adolf"


BNP "Take a flyer"

Me "Get out of my town before I chase you out with a pitchfork"


BNP "Take a flyer"

Me "Don’t you realize everyone around here is packing heat?" before I pistol-whip him senseless

I had various other mental fantasies involving pliers and bike chains. Before I get sued it’s worth pointing out that I’m not advocating any actual violence (Jesus wouldn’t like it) and several members of my own extended family have views very similar to the BNP. It’s just like I said earlier I hate Nazis.

I love public transport

Even if only for the level of stupid conversations you end up overhearing. I think it’s a rich untapped vein of blogging material.

Today on the bus I overheard the following conversation between two girls (probably 18ish and thus old enough to know better) about to go on holiday.

Girl 1 (looking at map) "So the mediterranen sea is in Europe? I always thought it was, y’know, that place where all the bananas come from"

Girl 2 "Nah, the bananas come from the Atlantic sea in the Carribean"

I fear for our society.

I will record more examples of public transport humour/stupidity for your edification.