Office debate..

So today in the office we livened up proceedings with a discussion about which actors would play us in the film of our lives (regardless of age and race). I opted for Bill Murray mainly because of his comic timing and laid back nature and because I thought it would be fun to see a sixty something year old actor playing a twenty something office worker. We also had votes for Bill Cosby, Christian Bale and Arnold Schwarzanegger: "Dammit, dis scanner is not vorking, vat should I do?"

This debate lead me to compile a list of inappropriate castings for biopics

1) Danny Devito playing Peter Crouch (okay I stole that one from someone in my office)

2) Harrision Ford as The Pope

3) Robert De Niro as Princess Di (He’s a method actor, so it shouldn’t be a problem right?)

4) Angelina Jolie as Jack Nicholson (it’s just about crazy enough to work)

5) Woody Allen as Stalin