Freedom for a day

I have the day off due to an absence of work in my office. It’s a sunny day so (in no particular order) I’m going to:

1) Eat an ice cream or smoothy or yoghurt of some description (anything cold will do)

2) Write a story about…something (or maybe a haiku)

3) Sit in the park with a good paperback (either something by Douglas Coupland or Che Guevara’s "Motorcycle diary"

4) Drink beer

5) Listen to music at a volume loud enough to annoy the neighbours if they weren’t at work

6) Play videogames (specifically WarioWare Inc! or Command & Conquer 3)

7) Blog about the above in order to proke jealousy in lesser mortals who might be at work

8) Calculate the amount of money I’m losing as a result of the absence of work.

9) Wonder if I can get point 2) published in order to negate point 8)

10) Rethink my life/soulsearch/philosophize

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