Ink Polaroid

For those of you not familiar with the concept, an ink polaroid is a picture you would have taken if you had a camera with you. I thought I’d better write this down before I forget.

It was this odd five seconds or so. The sun sprang from behind the cloud like a clown entering a circus tent lighting up the bus. It happened to the girl in the green cardigan sat by the bus driver first. As the sun came out she got a text on her phone, looked down and a smile…no not a smile, a grin, spread across her face. At exactly the same time, the Chinese couple in front of me started laughing quietly at something their baby had done and the man sat diagonally opposite began to grin at something he had seen in the street outside. Suddenly over the space of this five second period, everyone in my field of vision is grinning broadly, entirely independently of what anyone else has said or done. It’s like an earthquake spread out from it’s epicentre. To tell you the truth, it felt quasi-religious. Then the sun disappeared again and everyone resumed staring at their feet.

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