An Inconvenient Truth

I watched the above, the other night. For a film that effectively consisted of a power point presentation it was suprisingly engaging. Al Gore has the same comic timing as Jon Stewart from the Daily Show (particularly when he got excited about something). Maybe theres a secret Democrat cloning facility in California.

Possibly the oddest thing about An Inconveneint Truth is that for all of about five seconds, my home town in North Yorks appears on screen (I’m pretty certain anyway). because it plays host to one of Europes largest coal fired power stations. Wow, Al Gore knows about my home town (possibly). The only real problem with the film is that despite his great personal knowledge of the subject, Al Gore is mostly preaching to the converted…

One thought on “An Inconvenient Truth

  1. i believe, were you to incorporate a *parachute* component into the design, your I.C.H.A. would be quite a grand success!

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