An observation

Maybe it’s because it’s the spring time, maybe it’s something in the air but recently I’ve noticed a lot more couples snogging in public. Now don’t get me wrong, I think snogging in public is fine and acceptable behaviour. I’m no prude. It just seems to me that over the age of, say… 20 years old, it starts to look a bit wierd. Especially if you’re doing it down the baked beans aisle of your local tesco or for example whilst loafing amongst the paperbacks in WH Smiths. I can’t help but wonder what you would have to say to your girlfiend/boyfriend/spouse or partner in order to get them to drop their heavy bags of shopping and throw their arms around youy in a fit of passion. "Hey honey the new Tom Clancy is out in paperback, oh and by the way your eyes fascinate me!" or
"Wow these baked beans look tasty and cheap, and your hair looks so shiny under the supermarkets harsh and unyielding strip lighting!"

The other weirder alternative is that perhaps these people did not know each other when they walked into the shop. Maybe their eyes just made contact over the new Harry Potter and it was love at first sight. Whatever it is it seems to be happening all around me.