I can eat again…

..at least without feeling sick and I’m back at work, however I do still feel a bit off colour. Thanks for your support wibreaders.

Here are my top 5 things to do whilst ill (except sleeping of course):

1) Buy some new music (get it from amazon if you are too ill to leave the house). I bought 2 pieces of quality vinyl to feed to my turntable-monster. I got me an intro to funk (atlantic records archive 68-73 I think) and Bonobo’s latest album (jazz/dance but in a good way).

2) Drink prodigidous amounts of tea (possibly with whisky in, unless you are on medication which prevents you from drinking) this will sooth your throat/stomach. Or try a hot toddy (my recipe: tesco finest brandy, half a lemon, hot water and a small amount of sugar)

3) Start writing that novel you are always raving on about. I’m trying to write a children’s novel about Jack the Ripper. It’s probably the least salubrious idea for children’s novel ever. So far I’ve written about 2 lines of it. I’m stuck trying to make old Jack as kiddy friendly as possible. Jack the Tickler? Maybe. Jack the Happy Slapper? Hmm I need to work on this a bit more if I want a share of the JK Rowling pie, now that Harry Potter has finished.

4) Play a staggering amount of videogames until you develop eye strain. NB don’t try if any of you meds make you photosensitive

5) Pace around the house in your dressing gown, rearranging small items as you go