Thought for the week

Suppose you could invent a time machine and change one thing about your past. What would it be?

I’m not sure about mine, theres a lot to choose from. Stupid mistakes, bad exam results, I think theres a few people who picked on me at school who I could take down now quite easily. Maybe I could tag-team with the younger me (assuming I didn’t replace him/me in the past Quantum Leap stylee) or I could just teleport in out of the blue, then punch the offender hard in the face, let them get a good look at the older me and then teleport out again.

If I could change more than one thing I could become my own private super-hero. Any time I was about to fall off my bike or do something monumentally stupid, I could turn up, correct things and be off again. Of course I’d have to keep some sort of notebook of the changes I’d made so that I could remember them later (and prevent paradoxes).

The fact that none of the above has ever happened implies that unfortunately I will never invent a time machine, or I would have already met the future me in the past. Arghh my head hurts.