Top 5 recording artists set to reform in 2007

1) Rage Against The Machine – It’s as good a reason as any to jump around and swear profusely

2) The Wurzels – Are re-releasing "I’m a cider drinker". Expect a Magners advert tie-in and possible Glastonbury appearance for old times sake

3) The Jesus and Mary Chain – 80’s indie favorites. Yeah!

4) Vanilla Ice – Technically Mister Ice has not reformed, being as he is but one person. Unless he reformed like Terminator 2, with all his body parts slowly congealing into a solid lump. Anyhow – he has a new novelty single about the US tax system coming out soon. I expect it will pass Europeans by though. I’m holding out for an MC Hammer revival.

5) Uh maybe Smashing Pumpkins if they ever finally settle their differences.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 recording artists set to reform in 2007

  1. Do not mock the Wurzels. They are cracking live.
    Also do we know if the remix of Cider Drinker is going to have the same kind of cracking remix on it that the rerelease of Combine Harvester did?
    (And yes, this comment is only slightly ironic).

  2. Personally I hate these revivals. They always seem to smack of one last attempt at milking the cow dry.

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